Video Marketing

Video has been well established now as one of the breakout trends in marketing in the last decade.

Research shows that video remains as a priority for marketers. It attracts immediate attention, connects with the viewer on an emotional level, adds value to your business, boosts conversions and sales, has higher ROI rates compared to other marketing methods, can explain everything, builds trust and engages with even the laziest buyers.


The journey of creating videos with our customers, ensures that Scarlett Media know how to design their website, help customers boost their SEO organically and advertise on the right platforms to the right target audience.

Businesses that have landed a new customer because of a video on Social Media

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Businesses that have been satisfied with the ROI of their video marketing efforts on Social Media

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Decreased bounce-rate for websites with Video on the home page

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What types of Video Marketing do we offer?

Promotional Videos

From short 15 second commercials to 2 minute advertisements, Scarlett Media know just how to to target the right audiences for cinema, television or online advertising.

Educational Videos

Whether it’s a documentary, instructional, demonstrational, profile, training or online-zoom call, our team have you covered on location or in our studio.

Event Coverage

For live or online events, Scarlett Media have had over two decades of experience capturing important events for clients.

What Do Our Clients Think Of Our Video Services?

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Ready to start your journey?

We make movie magic designed exclusively to you. Talk to Scarlett Media today to get started on your next filming project and see how we can elevate your business or organisation with video marketing.


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